The Drama of Trump's Jupiter

Courtesy of Sat Siri Kaur Khalsa! A featured speaker at Parashara Jyotisha Conference of America, 2020.

A horoscope is a family meeting of 7 grahas (yes, the distant twice-removed cousins Uranus Neptune and Pluto and others are out there too, but not sitting around the dinner table) and two shadowy presences-- who all have distinct and strong directions.

Sometimes in a horoscope one planet so outweighs all the others for some oddity or strength about it that it dominates the conversation and the events of family history.

Astronomically this happens in the chart of Trump, who was born the very day Jupiter stationed. It was retrograde but turning direct; it was caught in a frozen moment with no apparent motion. This state of a planet is called by Parashara “vikalā,” meaning outside of time.

Planets are all about motion; the word planet means “wanderer.” My Jyotish mentor Pt. Sanjay Rath explains that as planets move, forward or backward, they follow one set of the light controllers. Sun and Moon, the luminaries, control forward movement in normal time. They stand for duty or dharma, in the case of Sun, and caring and compassion, in the case of Moon.

Sometimes also planets move backwards, as seen from us here on Earth, and in these retrograde cycles they follow the lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu, who are shadowy energies always opposing the upward and forward. Rahu and Ketu embody the pull of desire or re-processing of past issues, all the draggy energy that brings about cycles of rebirth, as these nodes attach us to unfinished longing and business.

So a regular other planet, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn, periodically goes backward to experience some very intense desire and some clarifying of old karmas. These times are normal and can be felt as good or bad depending on all the factors conditioning that planet—how much the rest of the family supports it.

Trump has such a Jupiter that is outside of time, beholden to no camp. That planet is still on its axis, and at that motionless moment is a pivot for the entire solar system. It has no value system—“a very stable genius”--, and its nature depends on its state within the horoscope as a whole. It’s not a good picture, not a good genius: this Jupiter gets special aspects from Saturn, master of untruth, and Rahu, devotee of scandal. Jupiter is situated midway between Mars the bully and Ketu, the thief. All the planets in the chart except Moon push towards Ketu, the divider. So Jupiter, normally noble and wise, the representative of divinity in a horoscope, adopts its darkest guise: astonishing bombast, greed and exaggeration, in the 2nd house of consumption and speech. It explains the shamelessness about this leader that people keep waiting to see corrected. Jupiter in Virgo instead of its own sign of Pisces, it’s about twisting the truth for money.

Just quickly scanning the transits tracking Trump’s trajectory of rise and now, fall, it’s a learning experience to see how accurately the moving Jupiter tells his story.

November 2016: Jupiter transit in Virgo conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter just before the Inauguration

Trump’s natal Jupiter Vimsottari dasa begins on Election Day

September 2017: Jupiter transit in Libra-- a sign of business, whose lord Venus is hidden in Trump’s

12th house of foreign alliances:

October 2017 Indictment of Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort who

had been a foreign agent working for the Ukrainian pro-Russian president.

Mueller Investigation ongoing....Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, indictments...

October 2018: Jupiter transit in Scorpio—a sign of crime, ruled by Mars and Ketu, which holds Trump’s natal Moon and Ketu in the 4th house

December 20 2018: Trump’s natal Vimsottari dasa Jupiter/Saturn bhukti begins

March 3 2019: Jupiter conjunct Trump’s natal Moon in Scorpio

Trump administration tells Congress it’s releasing military aid to Ukraine but it gets

inexplicably held up until September 2019

April 10 2019: Jupiter stationary retrograde at 0 degrees Sagittarius

Over this two-week period Attorney General Barr summarizes the Mueller report and

then after protests about distortion and suppression releases a redacted version.

May 18 2019: Jupiter retrogrades over Trump’s natal Moon in Scorpio

Ukrainian ambassador Marie Yovanovitch is dismissed because, Rudy Giuliani tells

the press, “she was part of ...efforts against the president.”

The new Ukrainian president Zelenskyy is inaugurated.

May 19: Trump on Fox news falsely accuses Joe Biden of bribing the Ukrainians to

fire a prosecutor, adding, “Can you imagine if I did that?”

May 23 2019: Jupiter retrogrades over Trump’s natal Ketu in Scorpio

Staffers Sondland, Perry and Volker meet with Trump who instructs them to work

with Giuliani on Ukraine issues, forming an outside channel from normal State

Department protocol.

August 12 2019: Jupiter stationary direct at 20:23 Scorpio: Vikalā

August 12: Whistlebower files a complaint related to Trump’s actions in Ukraine

September 24 2019: Transit Mercury conjuncts Trump’s natal Jupiter in Virgo, ruled by Mercury

September 24: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces formal inquiry into

impeachment of Trump

October 17 to October 30 2019: Jupiter direct again transits Trump’s natal Ketu and natal Moon in Scorpio.

October 17: Acting White House chief of staff admits then denies he admitted a quid

pro quo between Trump and Ukrainian president; FBI and grand jury investigations

of Rudy Giuliani begin.

October 22: despite White House refusing to cooperate with impeachment inquiry,

diplomats tell impeachment investigators in closed-door testimony that US aid for

Ukraine was specifically contingent on Ukraine making a public promise to investigate

US political matters.

October 23: Two dozen House Republican storm the impeachment inquiry secure

room despite a number of them having permitted access to the chamber anyway

Still in medias res, to be continued....

Can we say the case is closed, that Jupiter is fully incriminated in all these events?

If so we can look at upcoming movements of the great and honored body of gas and light to tell us when we should expect further developments.

Some of these big movements are:

November 4 2019: Jupiter transit in Sagittarius-- a sign owned by Jupiter as the truth warrior

November 24 2019: Venus moves into Sagittarius. A stellium begins forming, with Jupiter, Venus, Ketu

and Saturn thickening the plot.

November 28 and 29 2019: The Moon in Sagittarius triggers events.

December 15-16 2019: Venus exits and Sun enters Sagittarius: key alliances shift.

December 25-27: Mercury enters Sagittarius; Moon passes through. Mars shifts to Scorpio.

Five planets including Jupiter bunched with Ketu in Sagittarius, with Mars and Venus

on either side.

Things seeming unthinkable now will get thought then. Expect upheaval.

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