Sun Enters Abhijit Nakshatra as Trump Tribunal Commences.

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

By Sat Siri Kaur Khalsa

Sun enters Abhijit nakshatra as Trump tribunal commences. Abhijit is very special wrinkle in time that occupies only 4 degs. 13 mins. 20 sec of the zodiac. It belongs to the Unconquerable Hari, Lion of the gods. It lasts from Vedic Sun at 6:40 Cap to 10:53:20.

The US President is inaugurated, during the few days of Abhijit, around Jan 20th each

time there is an election, and since that custom was begun, the USA has been the dominant

country in the world.

Now the impeached US President comes to trial in the Senate as it happens as

Abhijit commences!

By week’s end, Saturn will be in Capricorn too. Capricorn is Trump's sign of enemies, 6th house of his chart.

Moon will also join over weekend — a new beginning for the opposition, and at the least, bringing witnesses. Despite overwhelming dominance of the Republican adamance, at least expect the corruption to be revealed. Sun is moving off from Jupiter. While it was close to Jupiter it combusted and hid the truth.

Now its moves will allow some curtains to be pulled away. Expect the unexpected.

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