Powerful Solar Eclipse 26, December 2019

by Komilla Sutton, speaker at the Parashara Jyotisha Conference of America, May 2020

The eclipse is at 9º58 Sagittarius Mula Nakshatra. The first location to see the start of the full eclipse is at 3:34:33 UTC; the maximum eclipse is at 5:17:46 UTC and the last place to see the total eclipse end is at 7:00:55. The annular phase of this solar eclipse is visible from Saudi Arabia, Southern India (Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu), North Sri Lanka, Singapore and parts of Indonesia.

This is a significant eclipse and can be a very disruptive influence. Six planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu are conjoined and it is rare to have six planets together in a sign but even more unusual to have the eclipse at the same time. This is a Ketu eclipse and it can release a lot of tension and stress that has been accumulating over the year.

The eclipse is at 9º58 Sagittarius Mula Nakshatra. Sagittarius is a warrior sign transforming the world from material to spiritual. It will fight for change and does not always care about the cost as old patterns need to break in order that new can manifest. Mula is the root, and it wants to destroy the source of past karma so that the soul can be free.

During the eclipse, all planets are in three signs creating a transit Shula yoga (we do not take Rahu Ketu in this yoga.) Shula yoga is part of the Nabhasa yoga which shows the pattern of planets in the sky. Shula comes crome Trishula – which is the weapon of Lord Shiva. This can be used to destroy ignorance, however, in the wrong hands, it can create pain, sorrow and destruction.

Jupiter is combust by the Sun, so its strength is Sagittarius and wisdom is not present to handle this explosive and unsettled situation. The potential of this eclipse is to make significant changes. Events do not happen on the day of the eclipse, but we can feel the disruptive energy. It is best to keep life simple on 25th and 26th of December and not make any significant decisions. The mind feels very restless and anxious. We should not add to it.

As the eclipse passes, you will see the energy dissipating and clarity resuming.

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