Jaimini Scholar Program, Year 1

Sat Siri Kaur Khalsa, Mentor

Jaimini’s Upadesa Sutras is a priceless classic further explaining many of the techniques found in Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra (BPHS), the foundation book of Vedic Astrology. The word “Upadesa” (“instructions from the master”) tells us that the sutras are the teachings of the tradition coming down from Parashara. Maharishi Jaimini has extended Parashara and has added insights which would not otherwise be understood. Jaimini’s profound meta-mind illuminates and extends the completeness of Parashara’s masterpiece.

The Jaimini Scholar program is a five-year course studying the sutras individually and unpacking their layers of meaning. It has been created by the outstanding modern-day Pandit, Sanjay Rath, who is descended from a line of traditional jyotishis going back to Sri Acyutananda, one of the five disciples of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Guru Nanak was inspired to write the Aarti after visiting the Jagannath temple in Orissa in 1506. Nanak composed the aarti after he witnessed the pandits do the evening pooja at Jagannath Puri, which is the source of the traditional teachings handed down over 500 years we are being privileged to imbibe.

Each year of the Jaimini program relates to one of the four Vedas and is taught as its own complete module. This program will challenge participants to go much deeper with their astrological studies as well as integrating jyotish with their individual spiritual practice, whatever it may be. The spirituality of the Vedas as expressed in the jyotish classics is the core strength of the program. Additionally, Sat Siri Khalsa as mentor will be teaching various Kundalini Yoga meditations to enhance our studies.

Successful participants may request to be certified by the Devaguru Brihaspati Center as Jaimini Scholars.

Year 1 involves 28 principal lessons and several subsidiary lessons. The classes will be taught primarily online as webinars every two or three weeks. Much of the learning will be self-paced and can be done with flexible scheduling. There will be a contact course during each year for several days, which participants are highly encouraged to attend, as certain mantra teachings can be given only in person. The group will receive the same extensive lessons as the Scholars who have studied in person with Pt. Rath, using his recordings originally teaching in the Himalayas, as well as supplementary material provided by the mentor. Each lesson is illustrated with detailed powerpoint slides. This is the format decided on to best spread this valuable knowledge throughout the world.

Sat Siri Kaur Khalsa has been Vice President and Provost of the Council of Vedic Astrology. She has been honored as a Jyotishi Medha Pragya by the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences. An honors graduate of Harvard University, she is a devotee of Sikh Dharma and teacher of Kundalini Yoga and meditation as well as having been trained in spiritual sciences by Yogi Bhajan.

Please email to receive an Application and for more information, including the First Year Curriculum, to Sat Siri Khalsa at satsiri_khalsa@yahoo.com, or at 505 753 6521 with questions. Classes will be starting in early 2020, and pre-lessons can begin once you are accepted.

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