Further Comments on the Drama of Trump's Jupiter

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Pandit Sanjay Rath comments:

Sat Siri K, you make a strong case for incriminating Jup. That would be his son. Leaving Trump to look like a poor-ol-man eclipsed by age like his Sun with Rahu.

I think Jupiter's problem is that he is doing nothing and is a mute spectator to the 10H Indra (Sun digbala) with all indriya dosha karma that you list.

He fired from the shoulder of sons and subordinates who are falling like nine pins. You should be pitying Jup and admonishing Indra

Sat Siri K responds:

Thanks, Guruji.

Totally so, Jupiter is the 5L in the Trump chart, representing the sons and close subordinates who are indeed falling like ninepins, with convictions and indictments sticking to many of them.

Sun then we should focus on as both Lagnesa and Atmakaraka, to see the key events in fast moving transits affecting the native himself.

Surya with Rahu works in darkness, so as has come out in some of the legal proceedings against Trump subordinates, they know what he wants them to do without explicit instructions being given.  Indra’s power to obscure…in truth the saga of the current scandal turns on Surya transits if one checks.  Here are a few of many:

  • The holdup of security assistance to Ukraine was announced to agencies on July 18, the day Sun transited Trump’s natal Saturn-Venus.

  • The call between Trump and the Ukrainian president in which a quid pro quo was requested was July 25th a week later.  Surya’s rajasic entourage of Budha and Shukra were conjoined his natal Saturn-Venus.

  • A whistleblower complaint was filed and against much resistance made its way to Congress as Surya transited over Mars in Leo.  Leo is the swakshetra and mulatrikona for the Atmakaraka, and truth must out.  The impeachment inquiry was announced September 24 as Surya Budha Sukra were in Virgo with Budha exactly conjunct natal Jupiter. 

As Surya itself contacted natal Jupiter around October 12, the White House Counsel sent a letter to Congress saying that the White House would not cooperate with the impeachment inquiry.

We should stay tuned for December 12-14 as Surya transits natal Ketu-Moon.

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